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  • On the Ligurian mountains following transhumance
    28 October
    30 October

    On the Ligurian mountains following transhumance


    If your roots lie in the Ligurian mountains and you want to better understand the customs and practices of your ancestors, the transhumance of Santo Stefano D'Aveto is an unmissable event. It is an experience both for those who love the mountains and the rediscovery of ancient traditions, and for families who want to spend a day in contact with nature in a welcoming and genuine atmosphere like the one you breathe in the small villages of the valley.

    Santo Stefano d'Aveto (GE)

  • U Mundantigu: gastronomy and peasant culture
    01 September
    04 September

    U Mundantigu: gastronomy and peasant culture


    U Mundantigu was founded in 2001 on the initiative of the Municipality of Valbrevenna to rediscover and keep alive the ancient local traditions linked to the peasant culture. Translated from Genoese, it means "The Ancient World", just like the one in which your ancestors lived and which you may find hard to imagine.

    Valbrevenna (GE)

  • Hallo Frank in Lumarzo: Celebrating The Voice and Frank Sinatra's Ligurian Roots
    16 August
    18 August

    Hallo Frank in Lumarzo: Celebrating The Voice and Frank Sinatra's Ligurian Roots


    In Lumarzo, two days dedicated to the memory of Frank Sinatra and his mother, Natalina 'Dolly' Garaventa. This special event, which takes place every August, combines music, tales of Ligurian migration and culinary delights typical of the region, paying homage to the deep bond between Sinatra and his mother, Natalina Garaventa, originally from Lumarzo in the province of Genoa.

    Lumarzo (GE)

  • LericiPea Poetry Prize

    LericiPea Poetry Prize "Ligurians in the World"


    The "LericiPea Gulf of Poets" is one of the most representative Italian and international literary awards and aims to enhance poetry. Structured in several sections, it also includes the one dedicated to Ligurians in the World, to respond and give value to the requests of Ligurians who "emigrated" or lived abroad, who sent their compositions to the secretariat. The section immediately had the decisive contribution of the then Department of Labor and Emigration of the Liguria Region, which, understanding the importance of this project, still supports it today.

    Lerici (SP)

  • White Night and Argentine Flag Festival in Costa d'Oneglia, Imperia
    29 June
    30 June

    White Night and Argentine Flag Festival in Costa d'Oneglia, Imperia


    La Notte Bianca e la Festa della Bandiera Argentina, organizzate dal Circolo Culturale Manuel Belgrano, trasformano ogni anno Costa d'Oneglia in un vivace borgo festoso con tango, concerti, dj set, mostre, mercatini e prelibatezze gastronomiche per tutti i gusti.

    Costa D'oneglia (IM)


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