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Hallo Frank in Lumarzo: Celebrating The Voice and Frank Sinatra's Ligurian Roots

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Lumarzo hosts the festival created to celebrate ‘The Voice’ Frank Sinatra and his mother, Natalina Maria Vittoria Garaventa, originally from the hamlet of Rossi di Lumarzo.

Natalina Garaventa was born on December 26, 1896 in the countryside of Lumarzo, a village in Val Fontanabuona, behind Chiavari, in Liguria. In those times, life was difficult, the peasants lived only on milk, potatoes and chestnuts, working hard in the fields and woods.

Emigration was one of the few opportunities to seek a better life.

Many left, and America, or rather “la Merica”, restored hope to many of them.

Frank Sinatra was deeply attached to his mother and, consequently, to Liguria.

Genoa became one of his favorite destinations; he reached the city by helicopter from Monte Carlo to taste the pesto of his friend Luciano Belloni, owner of one of the most renowned restaurants in Genoa.

‘Hallo Frank’ is held every year in August: the first evening, dedicated entirely to music, takes place in Lumarzo, with a tribute by Ligurian artists to Frank Sinatra.

The second day sees the hamlet of Rossi as the protagonist, a village where the maternal home is still present. This is where the day entitled “Hallo Dolly” takes place with music and stories on the theme of Ligurian migrants.

And, of course, you can’t miss food stands to taste typical Ligurian dishes, first of all the Focaccia with Cheese from Recco.


16 August 24

18 August 24


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Lumarzo, GE, Italia

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Nearest motorway exits: Recco | A12 | 6.5 km from city center Rapallo | A12 | 10 km from the center Location on Google Maps:

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