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U Mundantigu: gastronomy and peasant culture

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Luogo:Valbrevenna (GE)



An initiative wanted by the Municipality of Valbrevenna in 2001, U Mundantigu is an exceptional event that aims to retrace and safeguard the ancient traditions linked to the culture of the farmers in this enchanting Ligurian valley.

Translated from the Genoese dialect, “The Ancient World” accurately describes the essence of this event that takes you on a fascinating tour through the uses, customs and crafts of the past.

The main objective of the festival is to promote the enhancement of the historical and cultural origins linked to traditional life in the valley, through a special emphasis placed on the rediscovery of authentic flavors and typical professions of the past era.

Thanks to the participation of local breeders, producers and artisans, the place exudes a palpable authenticity, making the visitors’ experience unforgettable.

A distinctive element of the culinary experience is represented by the food and wine stands that offer the opportunity to try the tasty specialties of the place during a convivial outdoor lunch. Among the options available, the tasty minestrone with genuine flavors and other typical dishes that testify to the ancient food and wine tradition of the valley stand out.

The different types of workshops are engaging and instructive. A complete immersion in ancient artisanal and food and wine techniques is made possible thanks to these interactive sessions that aim to pass on skills to future generations.

The possibility of dining in the valley offers a unique experience to immerse yourself in tradition even when the sun goes down.

The restaurants in the area have the task of offering genuine and tasty dishes that express the rich culinary tradition of the Valley, thus allowing visitors to end their day in a hospitable setting.

Participating in the U Mundantigu event is an unforgettable experience.

If you wish to experience the authenticity of the past life, you can’t miss it. In addition to celebrating the past, the event is actively engaged in transmitting the beauty and importance of traditions to young people so that they treasure them and do not lose them.


01 September 24

04 September 24


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Valbrevenna, GE, Italia

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Nearest motorway exits: Busalla | A7 | 15 km Ronco Scrivia | A7 | 22 km Genoa East | A12 | 35 km Genoa Nervi | A12 | 41 km Location on Google Maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/yqS7ooGUtZAtdbP68

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