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Cappon Magro: a traditional Ligurian experience

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The experience

The Legend of Cappon Magro is an epic of marine flavors and Ligurian tradition. Its roots are lost in the tales of Ligurian fishermen, legendary sailors who, after long days at sea, created this dish as a celebration and reward.

A gastronomic masterpiece that embodies the richness of the Mediterranean, Cappon Magro is an ode to the culinary mastery and conviviality of Liguria. Learn how to cook this delicate dish with the guidance of an expert!

Colorful and tasty ingredients

In every bite of Cappon Magro you can feel the respect for traditions and the list of ingredients is a symphony of flavors:

  1. Fresh fish: Tuna, cod and prawns, delicately marinated, capture the taste of the sea
  2. Seafood: Squid and lobster, jewels of the Mediterranean, add a luxurious and flavorful note
  3. Crunchy vegetables: Juicy tomatoes, tender artichokes, green beans and beetroot come together in an explosion of freshness
  4. Hard-boiled eggs: A symbol of prosperity and rebirth, hard-boiled eggs blend seamlessly into the flavor palette
  5. Aromatic sauces: A velvety mayonnaise, delicate seasonings and the green of parsley pay homage to local aromas
  6. Fresh and Crispy Bread: A bread base, often enriched with ingredients such as garlic, capers, and anchovies, offers a crunchy, enveloping texture


Visual and olfactory experience

You will fall in love with it at first sight: the Cappon Magro is a visual wonder, a mosaic of colors and harmoniously arranged shapes. The fragrances of the Ligurian sea and land intertwine in the air, anticipating the feast that is about to begin in the mouth.

To the touch, the crunchy texture of the bread meets the softness of the fish, creating a perfect balance. Each bite is a journey of the taste buds through time, a taste of stories passed down from generation to generation.

The taste is an explosion of Mediterranean flavors. The tuna blends with the sweetness of the prawns, while the fresh vegetables add a crunchy note and the bread soaked in sauces envelops the palate in a symphony of taste.

Cappon Magro: much more than a dish

Cappon Magro is much more than a dish, it is a symbol of sharing, celebration, family ties and Ligurian pride. To savor this dish is to immerse yourself in the culinary roots of a community that celebrates life and love for good food, a tradition that continues to shine in the hearts of Ligurians and to spread the joy of a gastronomic experience that is history, love and flavor.

Imagine the pleasure of offering friends and family a dish that has the flavor of your origins inside.
Learn how to prepare this recipe with us and when you get back home you can share a piece of Liguria. Your loved ones will be amazed and thrilled!

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Piazza Campetto, Genova, GE, Italia

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By train: from Genova Brignole station

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By metro: Piazza De Ferrari stop

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